​FAE launches three new catalogues at AM Frankfurt 2018

26-09-2018 - Events

FAE surprised everyone with the launch of three new catalogues containing approximately 2,000 product references, including approximately 370 new products.

  • COX6: Oxygen sensors.Total references: 662. New references: 100. Coverage: 19,600 applications.
  • CGM3: Engine management. Total references: 923. New references: 173. Coverage: 80,500 applications.
  • CABS3: Wheel revolution sensors - ABS. Total references: 335. New references: 101. Coverage: 21,000 applications.

To provide support for a more sustainable planet, FAE is contributing by highlighting with a green brand, as an innovation in its new catalogues, all those product references that have uses which are respectful to the environment, including CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Gas), Ethanol or Electrical vehicles. Likewise, FAE is also reducing the amount of paper used by more than 10% in each catalogue. 
Last of all, FAE also presented a 360VR, virtual reality experience in its ISO-7 Clean Room, where it exclusively manufactures the ceramic sensor for all of its Oxygen sensors.

FAE was chosen “Most Surprising Brand” in the category of Oxygen sensor for Aftermarket Quality and Service Awards given in Spain in 2018. With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing its most notable product, the award comes as a result of the knowledge that FAE has acquired by being able to produce its own sensor element, which is the heart of an Oxygen sensor.  

Jurgen Sergooris, the Sales and Marketing Director at FAE, pointed out his satisfaction over the fair’s development over the five days in which the event lasted. “For yet another year, we have been given the opportunity to welcome our customers and surprise everyone not yet familiar with our facilities in Barcelona with a 360VR, virtual reality video, showing them how we manufacture our Oxygen sensors in our Clean Room.” 

The FAE sale network (Arthur, György, Gaëlle, Toñi and Oscar), which was also at the fair, pointed out the number of new contacts that they were able to make thanks to the design of their stand, where they were able to show clearly the factory where they design, develop and produce their product lines. 

“Moreover, our clients have acknowledged the great effort that FAE is making in terms of launching new products each month, and presenting 3 new catalogues during the fair was a huge success,” points out Cristina Fumero, the Marketing Manager at FAE.