Clean Room

FAE Clean room
Ceramic sensors
Automatic screen printing systems up to 6x6 inches substrates, with vision system.

ISO-7 700m2 Exclusively dedicated to flexible substrate processing, such as multilayer ceramic technology applied in electronic ceramics (Gas Sensors).

Divided into two main areas: Devices Area and Materials Area.
- On Devices area, sensors are built by screen printing, punching, via filling and stacking processes.
- On Materials area, inks and slurries are prepared. This Area is equipped with technology for impregnation, electrodeposition, cathalyst precursor synthesis and nanomaterial processing.


Systems available

  1. Tape casting machine from  50 to 800 microns, for tapes up to 20 inches wide.
  2. Automatic bleaching machine for substrate creation.
  3. Automatic punching machine.
  4. Substrate stacking machine.
  5. Automatic screen printing systems up to 8x8 inches substrates, with vision system.
  6. Manual screening  system  for 2x2 inches substrates.
  7. Automatic and manual machines for substrate cutting up to 6x6 inches.
  8. Two muffle furnaces, 1100°C and 1700°C, and a tube furnace from 1500°C.
  9. Semiautomatic ultrasound microwelding system (wedge bonding).
  10. Laser equipment for trimming and cutting substrates.
  11. Manual equipment pick and place and reflow oven for mounting electronic components on ceramic substrates, PCBs and flexible.
Chemical laboratory
  1. Water purification system, 18 megohm per centimeter.
  2. Particle size distribution and zeta potential  measuring equipment.
  3. Viscometers and rheometers for rheological characterization.
  4. Stoves and ovens of  200°C, 1100°C and 1500°C.
  5. Precision scales of 0.1 g and 0.0001 g.
  6. Magnetic thermoshakers and mechanical stirrers.
  7. Thermoshaken bath.
  8. Gloves cabin for safe handling of nanomaterials.
  9. Safety bell for chemical handling.
  10. Nanomaterial synthesis reactors and impregnation processes.
  11. Dispersion equipment.