Electric Valves

The recirculation of exhaust gas it’s a way to reduce toxins in emissions. The intension of exhaust gas recirculation is reduce the temperature of the combustion induce lower production of Nitric Oxides (NOx). This exhaust gas recirculation will be efficiently only with a exactly control. The recirculation valves could be controlled pneumatic or in an electronic way, it depends of each version.

Each new vehicle has different kind of electric valves, these are small and are located in places with difficult access in the engine.

These valves come in a very wide range of versions and designations. We provide information on the most common of these valves:

  • EUV: ON/OFF Electrical Switch Valves:
3-way electrovalves with 2 positions. Fully open/closed.
  • EDW: Progressive electrovalves.
Solenoid type with pressure regulator.
They open or close by the amount needed.