ESD Room

The 180m2 ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) room with dissipative floor is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of pressure sensors, exhaust gas pressure sensors, GPS (Gear Position Sensor) and other electronic components.

There are four systems available:
  • 2 Cartesian material dosing systems.
  • 1 Cartesian system with 500 watt tin welding.
  • 1 line of 3 dosing stations including a UV LED lamp curing area.
  • 1 preheating zone to facilitate the dosage of the material at 120º.
  • The material is dosed at room temperature. The pieces are preheated to 50º.
Automatic flow dosing stations: 
  • 1 coating station: 3-axis Cartesian with camera systems to ensure the correct dispensing of the material in the components of the PCB. The dosing is carried out by means of an innovative jetting valve.
  • 2 stations for potting and sealing: via a 3-axis Cartesian plus dispensation by means of volumetric valve. This valve provides greater accuracy in the dosed quantity.

The room also includes: 
  • 2 ovens up to 200º.
  • 1 machine for calibrating and testing pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors (designed and manufactured by FAE).
  • 1 varnishing station with forced extraction (reduces odours).  
  • 1 manual welding station for pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors.
  • 1 ultrasonic station for welding pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors.
  • 1 two-component resin dosing machine.
  • Nailing press station for GPS.
  • GPS operation test station.
  • Vision camera to check the presence of GPS components.
  • Station for de-panelling circuits.