FAE, a new corporate image for a new stage

17-01-2019 - Company

Francisco Albero SAU, FAE, welcomes 2019 with a new corporate image. The renewed image is inspired on 3D effects and symbolises the beginning of a new stage in which the company offers a clearer and more innovative image.

Keeping the essential characteristics that make FAE a recognized brand by our customers, the new image shows the whole FAE range with more than 15 product families.
A new motto has also been incorporated into our corporate culture; "Our passion drives your vehicle". This motto is true to the values of the brand because one of the keys that lead us to success is the passion of all FAE employees, to offer customers the best products and services, personalised to their particular needs.

During 2019, we will also strengthen our digital marketing strategy, announcing the launch of its Fanpage on Facebook with the aim of reaching out to the final customer: the workshop. "Our Mobile Technical Center” has visited many workshop and it is evident that they use this social network a lot. It is also the most popular in the world and FAE is harnessing this opportunity to acquire greater visibility in the market. The Facebook Fanpage will be the media used to launch additional promotional campaigns and marketing actions so that the company can foster more direct and responsive relations with customers," says Jurgen Sergooris, FAE Sales and Marketing Director.

In the coming weeks, our customers will see the new image in all online and offline channels, in the corporate presentation, brochures, posters and on the company's stands at trade shows.