FAE adds 16 new models to its product range

08-03-2019 - New Product

NEW 16 new models that we added to our product range in the last two months, providing coverage to many new applications for the European, North American and Asian markets including the Audi A4/A5/A6 and Q5, Mazda 3/CX3/CX5, Subaru Impreza/Legacy/Impreza, Nissan Micra, Nissan Note.

6 Coils:
  • FAE performs all the necessary quality tests to ensure OEM quality.
References: 80386, 80399, 80400, 80384, 80385, 80405.

5 Pressure Sensors:
  • Our sensors regulate the amount of fuel needed for ideal combustion. .
References: 15163, 15171, 15216, 15162, 15177.

2 Oxygen sensors:
  • Highly technological products, both in design and performance. 
References: 75139, 77647.

1 ABS:
  • Manufactured under the strictest OEM standards. At FAE they are tested on our large fleet of vehicles.
References: 78472.

1 Knock sensors:
  • They are designed to work in the limits of controlled combustion, creating better performance. 
References: 60252.

1 Temperature Sensors:
  • FAE has over 60 years of experience manufacturing temperature sensors. 
References: 33229.

All these references are available in TecDoc where FAE is classified as an “A Class” data supplier, as well as in our online catalogue.

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