FAE has joined ATR International AG

10-10-2018 - Company

FAE has joined ATR International AG during 2018 as new renowned supplier, signing a general and international agreement, providing them the opportunity to explore new markets and grow with ATR group.

ATR International AG, was establised in 1999 due to the growing internationalization of the procurement market and the exchange of products and services in the aftermarket. ATR is one of the biggest and most successful trade cooperations of leading distributors of the independent automotive parts market worldwide
There are 37 shareholders who represent more than €22.5 billion turnover in the aftermarket.

The main objective of ATR is to strengthen the position of its members in the market through coordinated purchasing activities. ATR places strong emphasis on quality consciousness in selecting its suppliers and the business relations between suppliers and shareholders are marked by partnership and ongoing closer coordination.

All of this helps ATR to ensure high quality products to the end consumer, to solidify the market position for all participants and last not least to grow together.
“It´s a privilege and a fantastic opportunity to be able to join ATR as it provides us the opportunity to explore new markets and grow with ATR group. FAE is a company that believes in establishing relationships of trust, solid and long-lasting ones. We know that we have to be well positioned in order to face the challenges of the industry and of the future”, stated Jurgen Sergooris, Sales Director of FAE.