FAE officially opens two new facilities, a White Room of type ISO-7 and an ESD Room

16-03-2018 - Events

FAE officially opened its ISO-7 White Room with 700 m² devoted exclusively to the production of ceramic sensors for Lambda Probes, with a current production capacity of 3 million sensors, which may be expanded to 6 million, with a very low investment.

With these installations, FAE has taken a qualitative and quantitative step forward and intends to become one of the largest manufacturers worldwide, because it is one of the few producers in the market that has this type of room.

At the same event, FAE officially opened a new ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Room, which quadruples the size of its current room and contains new equipment that will allow it to achieve more Lean production while forming part of Industry 4.0.

These facilities were officially opened by Francisco Marín, the Director General of the CDTI, Joan Romero, the Managing Director of ACCIÓ and Rocío Ramírez, the Councilwoman for Tourism and Economic Development of the City Government of Hospitalet. Also attending were Maria Luisa Soria, Director of Institutional Relations and Innovation, and the Secretary of the Board of Directors of SERNAUTO, as well as the presidents of several institutions such as the CIAC, Josep Maria Vall, the Advanced Materials Cluster and ClusterMoto. In addition to them, participating at the event were several executives from the automotive parts industry, including AMES, BITRON, FICOSA (José María Pujol), GUILERA, GUTMAR, J.JUAN, VALEO and ZANINI. Also present were UPMBALL, Universidad de Barcelona (U.B.) and the Energy Research Institute of Catalonia (IREC).

"We would like to thank everyone attending this official opening of our facilities for the visit they have paid and for the interest they have shown in this great project, as well as expressing our gratitude to the CDTI and ACCIÓ, and to all of the staff at FAE. They are the ones truly responsible for allowing us to achieve this level of technology and be able to produce complex sensors for electronics and multilayer ceramics," pointed out Francisco Marro, the President of FAE.