FAE presents its Air Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor at Automechanika Frankfurt 2021

21-09-2021 - New Product

FAE launches the new COX7 Oxygen Sensor catalog with 47 references of the new Air Fuel Ratio family with 16.5 million applications.

After FAE has dedicated more than twenty years to the design and manufacture of Oxygen Sensors, we have taken advantage of the most important fair in Europe, Automechanika Frankfurt, to present our AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) Oxygen Sensors. Until now, the 4-wire sensors measured whether the air / fuel mixture was rich or lean, the new AFR Oxygen Sensor is not only capable of measuring this parameter, but also indicates exactly how rich the mixture is. This helps to further optimize the vehicle's performance and enables the car's ECU to adjust the mixture more precisely. This translates into less consumption and therefore less pollution.

Francisco Ramos, head of R & D & i Department and FAE's AFR project, comments: “We started this project around 2018 and we are very proud to have completed it successfully. We are the only manufacturer of this product in Europe, and together with the 789 Oxygen Sensor references that we have in the COX7 catalog, we have expanded the range of vehicles we can reach”.

For his part, Francisco Marro, president of the company, explains: “At FAE we are clear that less consumption equals less pollution, which is why we started to develop Lambda Probes more than 20 years ago, and we will continue to add references to our catalogs. It is the way to contribute to maintain and respect the environment in the current paradigm”.