FAE presents its new CVi2 catalogue, exclusive for industrial vehicles

09-10-2019 - New Product


At FAE we launched a new catalogue for the industrial vehicle where we grouped more than 1.400 references and covered more than 12.500 applications for industrial vehicles.

FAE's CVi2 merges product categories previously published in all its catalogues, making it easier to find in a single publication references dedicated to the industrial vehicle (truck, bus, tractor, light vehicles, etc.).

Within the references FAE groups in this new catalogue are, among others, oxygen sensors, pressure sensors, crankshaft sensors, camshaft sensors, speed sensors, temperature sensors and switches.

There are also relevant manufacturers for applications such as DAF, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, SCANIA, STEYR, IVECO, NEOPLAN...
All references are now available on TecDoc where FAE is certified as an "A Class" data provider, as well as in the online catalogue on the company's website.

FAE plans to expand its range month after month in order to offer an even more complete service to its customers.  We invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter in order not to miss any of our news.