In november we have added 9 new references to our product range

19-12-2019 - New Product

The 9 new references that we have added to our product range cover additional vehicle applications for the European, North American and Asian market such as TOYOTA D-4D, SUZUKI SWIFT III, TOYOTA YARIS, AUDI Q7 3.0 TFSI, LADA 110-120 NOVA / GAZ VOLGA.

4 Oxygen sensors: The probe's oxygen sensor is manufactured in our highly technological and automatic clean room.
FAE has manufactured ceramic sensors for more than 20 years.
Refs. 75161, 77713, 77768, 77770.

2 ABS: FAE manufactures both the injected plastic housings and the coils contained therein. FAE ABS have been tested on our extensive fleet of vehicles.
Refs. 78493, 78508.

Pressure sensor: Assembled and 100% tested in our ESD room. Our sensors regulate the amount of fuel required for ideal combustion.
Refs. 15153.

2 Ignition coils: OEM quality. They offer perfect insulation and watertightness.It has the capacity to absorb high voltage levels.
Refs. 80471, 80482.


FAE's Pressure sensor 15152
FAE's ABS 78493
FAE's Ignition coils 80482

All references are now available in TecDoc, where FAE is certified as a "Class A" data provider, as well as in the online catalogue of the company's website.