Mobile Technical Centre - MTC


The MTC- the idea for FAE's Mobile Technical Centre was born in the beginning of 2018 thanks to the contribution of several FAE departments, with the goal of providing customer support and promoting all the least known products in the market, including those that make up Engine Management: pressure sensors, revolution and timming sensors , Oxygen Sensor, and so on.

FAE Francisco Albero S.A.U. is a pioneer and innovator in Spain working with this mobile technical assistance system. The MTC has three main and fundamental goals:

  •  To visit workshops and offer technical advice:

We offer a reliable source where we can provide information about our products and essential tools that reinforce brand quality. Making part analysis technology available to you.  

  •  To provide training and advice to our distributors:

In addition to promoting the brand, the MTC helps to resolve real queries and incidents related to the entire FAE product range.

  • To provide continuous training to workshops:

With the FAE MTC, we help to improve the knowledge about FAE products and their installation in the vehicle and, therefore, the productivity of the workshops. We adapt to the requirements of professionals who buy FAE products because we understand your needs. We always respond with the utmost understanding, dealing with everything from basic to complex questions.

We are currently running technical training programmes that are 100% based on the feedback and experience gained over the last year by the Mobile Technical Centre.

To be able to provide this service not only makes us proud as a team, but also, at a business level, allows us to continuously implement effective and necessary improvements, thanks to the closeness and trust we maintain with our customers.


It is very gratifying to know our customers and to be able to help them to solve any doubts they may have.

               Anselm Moya | MTC –Iberian Peninsula.

Mobile Technocal Center FAE - Francisco Albero Electricidad   FAE Technical training

Contact us for more information or to check our training calendar at:

We remind you that we also offer you the TAS, Technical Assistance Service, led by highly experienced professionals, to answer any questions that may arise about FAE products, such as warranty management, identification, assembly and operation of our parts.