Technical report on FAE sensors for engine management

19/09/2019 - Reports
If we think of the engine as the heart of the car, we could say the switchboard is the brain. And, ever since the emergence of electronics in the automotive industry, the electronic control unit or ECU (Engine Control Unit) has been responsible for controlling the operation of the engine. Increasingly so, as in its infancy it only controlled the fuel dosage, reducing consumption and emissions compared to its predecessors, like the carburettor and the injection pump.

Technical report on switches.

05/09/2019 - Reports
A switch is defined as an electrical or mechanical device that allows an on/off function to be performed. Its function is centered on letting the current pass through a given circuit.

Technical report on ignition system.

21/06/2019 - Reports
In this report, the different temperature control systems generated by motor activity are explained, all of them part of the wide FAE product catalogue.

Technical report on thermal management.

04/06/2019 - Reports
In this report, different temperature control systems generated by engine activity are explained, all of them part of the wide FAE product catalogue.


05/05/2019 - Reports
The sensor element is the heart of the lambda probe and, for this reason, it’s so important that it is manufactured in such a controlled environment.
FAE is one of the few manufacturers in the aftermarket with this type of facilities, and is therefore a Key Partner for this product.

Oxygen sensors

03/04/2019 - Reports
In this article, we will speak about the current situation regarding pollution caused by the automotive sector and we will review the history, evolution and types of Oxygen sensors.

Lambda Probes: High technology in service of the client. PART II - The sensor and its manufacture

03/04/2019 - Reports
In this part of the report we will talk about the lambda sensor, manufacturing technology and production specifications.

03/04/2019 - Reports