70th FAE birthday

10/04/2022 - Company
​In 1952 Francisco Albero and Rosa Llovensa, opened a mechanics workshop in Barcelona. Like most workshops, they were dedicated to replacing damaged parts. Over time, however, they realised they could repair the parts they replaced, make them as good as new, and sell them on. They had a small space in the back room of the workshop where they could fix the parts between customers. We want to thank all the people who have worked to get us this far and all those who will work to see us through another 70 years.

FAE launch the Technical Assistance Service in LATAM

01/03/2020 - Company
From the 01/03/2020, FAE makes available to their customers of the LATAM the Technical Assistance Service

Our technical assistance service

22/07/2019 - Company
A close, fast and efficient service, our Technical Assistance Service department.

FAE, a new corporate image for a new stage

17/01/2019 - Company
FAE welcomes 2019 with a new corporate image, a new slogan: "Our passion drives your vehicle" and a Fanpage on Facebook.

FAE has joined ATR International AG

10/10/2018 - Company
FAE has joined ATR International AG during 2018 as new renowned supplier, signing a general and international agreement, providing them the opportunity to explore new markets and grow with ATR group.

FAE stands out for its Lambda Sensors during the Quality and Service Awards Ceremony

26/06/2018 - Company
The Art Centre of Alcobendas, in the Autonomous Region of Madrid, was the stage for the ceremony to give out the "Awards for After-sale Quality and Service in the Automotive Industry," at which FAE was chosen the "Surprising Brand" in the category of Lambda Sensors.

FAE recognised as a "Surprising Brand" in Oxygen Sensors

20/04/2018 - Company
FAE recognised as a "Surprising Brand" in Oxygen Sensors, in the framework of the Quality and Automotive Aftermarket Awards.

FAE is pleased to announce the launch of its new Electric Valves catalogue CEV1

12/01/2018 - Company
  • FAE adds 54 electric control valves to its product range.
  • All the electric valves included in this catalogue meet and exceed OEM quality.


FAE launches its new ignition catalogue CE2

24/10/2017 - Company
  • FAE adds 89 new references to its ignition products range and launch its new CE2 catalogue.
  • The CE2 includes 424 references and covers more than 13.000 applications for vehicles in the main carparcks around the world.


FAE enters in the Original Equipment Indian market through Lumax

29/08/2017 - Company
Francisco Albero S.A.U, FAE, is pleased to announce the consolidation of the Joint Venture with Lumax Auto Technologies to produce Oxygen Sensors for the Indian market, the agreement was signed on August 24th, 2017.