More than 20 years of commitment to innovation

Since being founded, FAE has put innovation in the driver’s seat. The main areas of work are:
  • Mobility of the future.
    • All while being a benchmark company in the automotive industry providing sensor solutions in the combustion engine, FAE has opted to continue providing sensors and cutting-edge solutions to its customers for new propulsion technologies and new mobility concepts that open up in the future landscape of mobility.
  • FAE Solutions: We also apply our advanced sensor solutions outside the automotive market.
    • The glow plug developed to take part in the Ariane 6 space rocket scheduled to take off in 2020.
    • The fuel cell that generates and stores energy for stationary immobile applications, to be used in homes, hospitals... It replaces the current emergency generators, a technology widely used in Asian countries such as Japan.
    • The pressure sensor and impulse sensor developed for the Cobra Pro, a concrete breaker that can withstand the extreme conditions of a more compact engine.
    • Wideband lambda probe for use in competition. Created for the AEM circuit in USA. The Lambda can be adjusted by the driver, the power and speed of the vehicle is prioritised, maximum performance of the engine.
    • Oxygen sensors built into in industrial ovens. Indirect humidity control for low temperature cooking. Help the cook with easy recipe guidelines.
  • Technological capacity. We have different facilities where we can design and manufacture our products, such as our Clean Room or our ESD Room.
FAE specialises in the development of Multilayer Ceramic substrates and designs, as well as the integration of Microelectronic systems, and the development of equipment for the related manufacturing processes.