More than 20 years focousing on technology 

Since its foundation, FAE has always sought to design and produce innovative products. Since 2000, investment in R+D has been in excess of 5% of annual sales. The main areas are substrate and multilayer ceramic development, along with the integration of microelectronic systems and development of the associated production process equipment.

In collaboration with international technical centres, research has been carried out and solutions developed in several fields beyond automotive components:
  • Biomedical Sensors.
  • Photovoltaic Generation.
  • Fuel Cells.
  • Smart Textiles.
  • RF Transmission.

FAE collaborates with CSIC, Barcelona University, Institut de Reserca d’Energia de Catalunya and several entities in Spain and the rest of Europe, developing Ceramic Tape based technologies.

Our know-how and experience in LTCC and HTCC systems has allowed us to take part in FP7 and Eureka research projects.