Electrical shut-off device (ELAB)

The electromagnetic valve that stops the fuel feed is assembled in the upper part of the distributor head of the fuel-injection pump.
When it is connected, in other words with the diesel engine turned on, the electromagnet keeps the entrance hole to the high-pressure area open. On taking
away contact through the corresponding switch, the coil of the electromagnet no longer has any electrical current. The magnetic field is cancelled and the spring
presses the induction against the seat of the valve, meaning that the opening to the high-pressure chamber is closed and the piston distributor stops feeding fuel.

With the electronic diesel control (EDC), the motor stops by means of the flow positioning mechanism (procedure: injection flow at zero). In this case, the ELAB
only serves to carry out the safety disconnection in the case of failure of the positioning mechanism.
This kind of pump has been used for quite some time in diesel engines; its basic constitution has not changed; the only variations are due to the application of
the electronic management in diesel motors.