Technical Assistance Service

FAE has a Technical Assistance Service department which is available to distributors, their employees and garages that purchase FAE products. Our Technical Assistance Service  allows us to respond to any queries that may arise regarding FAE products, such as warranty management, identification, assembly and operation of our parts.


How does our technical assistance service department work?

An integrated service managed directly by our technical support team which allows us to solve all potential queries from our customers.
One of our FAE technicians, Mr. José Espinar, provides assistance for all types of operations through this service. A helpful, fast and efficient service.
We offer our customers a direct and decisive service, resolving any queries they might have and providing all necessary information.

What does the technical assistance service department manage?

  1. Identification of references
  2. Functioning of products
  3. Technical repair procedures
  4. Providing all technical documentation
  5. Covering any needs that may arise regarding installation
  6. Warranty management

The Technical Assistance Service department department at FAE works together with the MTC - Mobile Technical Center department, which makes visits to garages and distributors.
We work continuously to provide an excellent service to all of our customers. Our Technical Assistance Service department is located in Spain and covers the entire country and LATAM.
If you are out of spain, you can contact us using this email address: