• New Catalog COX4
    • With WIDE BAND Oxygen Sensors
  • Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor
    Antipollution system for diesel engines
  • Advanced Materials
    A recognized leader in the design of ceramic applications


  • 04/08/2016
    HERO and FAE consolidate its colaboration

    The world´s largest motorcycle manufacturer, HERO MotoCorp, and FAE consolidate its future colaboration

    - Plant a tree as a symbol of future collaboration.
    - Customized oxygen sensors with the most modern technology “Planar Ceramic Multilayer”.
  • 05/05/2016
    FAE collaborates in the Cobra Pro i

    The first breaker with petrol engine electronic fuel injection.
  • 05/05/2016

    You can find more information. Additions May 2016.

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