General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

1 – Orders received or accepted by our agents, representatives or distributors are subject to our acceptation or compliance.

2 – Our prices may suffer increases in case that we have rises in our hand labour cost, raw material cost, transportation cost or insurance fees, etc., during the period between our offer or order acceptance and delivery.

3 – The list of items contained in our catalogues may be modified in composition and in manufacture without prior notice. The sole purpose of the manufacturer’s identity and the original numbering is to search for and adapt original items.

4 – FAE guarantees all its products against manufacturing faults. The guarantee only covers exchange of the product. In no case will the guarantee be valid for a fault caused by inappropriate use, or handling of the product.

5 – FAE offers a two-year warranty from the installation of the FAE product in the vehicle. Returns of material under warranty shall be free of charge to our facilities, as long as the warranty has been accepted by the Quality Department, and it must be accompanied by a dispatch note and the FAE warranty form. The warranty will not be able to be analysed if these requirements are not met.

6 – FAE products have the technology to replace and be adapted to the original equivalents and must be assembled by specialist staff with knowledge in assembling vehicle components, following the assembly instructions of the FAE and/or original item. The FAE warranty only covers the applications indicated in our catalogue.

7 – Returns of goods shall only be accepted within 30 days in the case of Spain and Portugal and 60 days for the rest of the world, starting on the date of reception by the client, with previous written agreement by FAE. Material under warranty is excluded from this section.

8 – Delivery times should be interpreted as a guide. Therefore a delay, in anticipate delivery does not authorise the purchaser to cancel the order, claim indemnity or interest for delay.

9 – If there is any case of major force, the contracts should be delay, modified or suspended by FAE. Reason for case of major force should be: Strikes, epidemics, transport cancellations, material shortage, machinery breaks and any other cause that may lead to a total or partial stop of our activity.

10 – Possible anomalies in deliveries will be only take into account if it exists a previous written communication within the next 10 days from the goods arrival to its destination. Once the delivery is completed we will only be liable to the replacement of those materials which have been found faulty by our quality department not giving right of reimbursing whatsoever. The faulty items are from our ownership.

11 – In case that product is sealed plastic wrapper your return will be not accepted if the package has been removed.

12 – Goods are transported and transferred at the cost and risk of the purchaser. Insurance coverage for transportation risks will only be arranged if expressly requested in writing by the purchaser, and the latter is liable for the premium or total cost of insurance.

13 – In the event of a discrepancy regarding supposed manufacturing faults, the judgement of the assessor engaged by the vendor will prevail, costs falling to the purchaser in the event of no defect being found.

14 – Payments shall be made according to the conditions agreed between FAE and the client. After the deadline set for payment, we reserve the right to apply interest on arrears which shall be Euribor + 8%, as well as any expenses incurred.

15 – In the event of any legal proceedings arising from purchase or sale or interpretation of regulations, purchaser and vendor are subject to the jurisdiction of the Barcelona Arbitration and appeals Courts.

16 – Formalization and acceptance of the order commits the vendor and purchaser to the above regulations.