Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensors

The Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor is a Differential Sensor measuring the pressure difference between gas in the intake and the outtake of the Particulate Filter. The outtake may be directly set to ambient pressure depending on the model.

This sensor is another element in the pollution regulation systems for Diesel engines imposed by European emissions regulation.

There are currently two different systems where the sensor is found:


Diesel Particulate Filter Systems with no additive (DPF):
  1. Dashboard Control Unit.

  2. Engine Control Unit.

  3. Mass Airflow sensor. 

  4. Diesel Engine. 

  5. Turbo compressor Temperature Sensor. 

  6. Turbo compressor. 

  7. Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor. 

  8. Lambda Sensor. 

  9. Particulate Filter.

  10. Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor 1. 

  11. Post-Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor. 

  12. Muffler. 


Diesel Particulate Filter Systems with additive (FAP):
  1. Dashboard Control unit.

  2. Engine Control Unit.

  3. Additive Tank.

  4. Additive level Sensor.

  5. Additive Pump.

  6. Fuel Tank.

  7. Diesel engine.

  8. Turbo compressor Temperature Sensor.

  9. Turbo compressor.

  10. Lambda Sensor.

  11. Oxidation Catalytic Converter.

  12. Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor.

  13. Particulate Filter.

  14. Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor 1.

  15. Muffler.

  16. Mass Airflow Sensor.