Our Technical Assistance Service “TAS”

At FAE we have a Technical Assistance Service department, aimed at distributors, their employees and workshops that buy FAE products. With our TAS service, we want to respond to all queries that may arise about FAE products, such as warranty management, identification, assembly and operation of our parts.

From the FAE TAS, we work jointly with our MTC-Mobile Technical Center department, which visits workshops and distributors.

In this way we work day by day to offer a good service to all our customers.
Our TAS department (Technical Assistance Service) is located in Spain, to provide coverage throughout the territory.
If you need to contact us, you can use the different ways that we provide below.

Email: sat@fae.es
Tel. 938278204 / 638 152 609

A close, fast and efficient service. How does our TAS department work?




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