Newsletter FAE 05.2023

How is the Oxygen Sensor assembled?

A clean room is an airtight installation where different factors such as air cleanliness, differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, sound and light levels are controlled. FAE inaugurated in early 2018 its new 700m2 ISO-7 Clean Room dedicated exclusively to the production of ceramic sensors for lambda sensors, with a capacity to manufacture three million sensors per year (expandable up to six million).

The Clean Room is located next to the Clean Room and is where the assembly of the sensors to the different probe groups and the quality and response controls of the different finished sensors are carried out.

Very few manufacturers in the world have this type of installation. FAE‘s commitment has represented a qualitative and quantitative leap for the Spanish company, which aims to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Technical report - FAE Oxygen sensor. Quality, tests and trials

In this part of the report we detail all the tests and checks to which the Oxygen Sensors are subjected before reaching the market, as well as the symptoms of failure and their causes.




The Ordinary General Assembly of SERNAUTO, the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers, took place on

FAE launches the 06.2023 Newsletter with the video of its ESD Room and the production of the sensors

FAE launches the 05.2023 Newsletter with a report on the FAE Oxygen Sensor, its assembly in the different rooms.