FAE officially inaugurates two new facilities, ISO-7 type Clean Room and ESD Room

FAE inaugurates its 700m² ISO-7 Clean Room dedicated exclusively to the production of ceramic sensors for Lambda Sensors, with a current manufacturing capacity of 3 million sensors, expandable to 6 million, with very little investment.

With these facilities, FAE makes a qualitative and quantitative leap, and aims to become one of the main manufacturers worldwide, being one of the few producers on the market with this type of room.

In the same act, FAE inaugurates a new electronic room ESD (Electro Static Discharge), which quadruples the size of the current one and with new equipment that allows a more Lean production and joins Industry 4.0.

These facilities were inaugurated by Francisco Marín, General Director of the CDTI, Joan Romero, CEO of ACCIÓ and Rocío Ramírez, Councilor for Tourism and Economic Development of the Hospitalet City Council. At the same time, Maria Luisa Soria, Director of Institutional Relations and Innovation and Secretary of the Board of Directors of SERNAUTO and the presidents of several institutions such as CIAC, Josep Maria Vall, the Advanced Materials Cluster and the ClusterMoto attended. Various executives from the automotive components sector also participated in the event, such as AMES, BITRON, FICOSA (José María Pujol), GUILERA, GUTMAR, J.JUAN, VALEO and ZANINI. UPMBALL, University of Barcelona (U.B.) and the Energy Research Institute of Catalonia (IREC) were also present.




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In-house manufacturing process in FAE’s 700m2 clean room at the central facilities in L’Hospitalet

The FAE company has 70 years of history, and in it, it is worth noting the female presence at its origin.